Learn Stem Website

Learn STEM has a new home!

We created the Learn STEM website at the beginning of 2016. Our aim was to help teachers who were embarking on the idea of Working Scientifically and to provide an easy video resource for new and existing data logging users.

Our market research found that teachers in a time-critical classroom were struggling with the demands of new technology; Learn STEM helped to remove such fears allowing teachers to get the most out of their investments during their primary science lessons.

Fast-forward 3 years and the Learn STEM website has helped hundreds of teachers in providing practical primary science lessons.

By using the Vu or Vu+ data logger, teachers can now explore new ways of teaching science at the lower age range, providing transferable skills to primary aged children as they move through the school years. 

So why the change? 

STEM is a strong buzzword within education and has taken many years to filter through the system. At Data Harvest, we felt that our purpose was to focus on the Science part of STEM as this is more aligned with our own company objectives.

Data logging still does and will always cover many parts of the STEM concepts and Vu+ allows for cross-curricular activities across Science, Technology and Maths.

I have a LearnSTEM account, what do I need to do?

The Learn STEM website will continue to be live until the end of the current school year, 31st July 2019. After that time all traffic will be diverted to the new Vu Science website, https://vuscience.co.uk

Unfortunately, we cannot copy your user details across to the new website as this would not comply with the GDPR directive. If you have completed or are part of the way through the LearnSTEM courses, we advise you to finish the courses and print any awarded certificates.

Please register an account on the Vu Science website for the updated courses.

Vu Science – A new structure

With the new Vu Science website, we have a modern redesigned layout and have restructured the course content into three stages (details here). All three courses still feature a multiple choice quiz which has also been updated for 2019.