Exploring Numbers


In this activity you will explore how Vu’s built-in Light sensor responds to different light levels.

The Learning experiences covered are Numbers and counting, Quantity, Graphing, Describing and comparing. Connect Vu to a computer and, open the EasySense software and select Pictogram.

See pictograms video lesson for further information

Select Stop then New, check the Vu light sensor is set to the best range for the light level in your room (0 to 1k lx is normally right for classroom lighting) and deselect all the other sensor. 

Start logging. Ask the children to watch the computer screen and tell you what they think is happening. While they are watching move the light sensor to different light conditions such as near a source of bright light, normal room light, with the light sensor covered, etc.

While looking at the pictogram try to build in questions related to the highest number, lowest number, more or less, how many altogether, etc.

Ask what the bar on the screen shows, how many suns are showing now, how the number of sun pictures relate to the brightness of the light.

Show the children a box. Ask them to predict how many suns will show on the pictogram when the data logger is placed in the box.